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Our Team

Aleksandar Andjelković has been involved in adult education for thirteen years. Training topics range from self-employment, through communication and conflict resolution to advanced leadership training. He is the author of texts in the field of public advocacy and action research in the project cycle. He has many years of experience in management positions in the human resources sector in several companies, including Zitoprodukt Zrenjanin ad, LEONI Wiring Systems Southeast doo.

Milena Mitic Andjelkovic has been professionally involved in the development of individuals and groups for the past 20 years. Her biggest focus is the deep transformations of individuals that lead to better relationships with others and better results in all spheres of life. In addition to being a psychologist, he is engaged in therapy, coaching and training. In her professional career she has worked as an NGO coach, school psychologist, HR manager, selection and recruitment manager as well as trainings, development consultant. She has developed and implemented dozens of development programs, whose central themes are capacity building and skills development. In the business sector, she works with high-ranking managers to improve their performance and spread the most constructive impact on their employees.

Mirko Samardžić is a trainer, coach and sales manager with more than ten years of experience in sales, banking, consulting and the non-governmental sector. During his career, he led teams in sales and development projects, achieving exceptional results. Mirko is a certified “Erickson Professional” coach and a certified PCM (Process Communication Model) coach. Coaching is his path. He uses proven tools and methodologies that enable teams and individuals to discover internal potentials and create the best possible outcomes for themselves.

Milorad Kocić is a consultant, coach and mentor in the field of management with over 15 years of experience in banking, consulting and the non-governmental sector.

He has many years of experience in the consulting industry as Executive Director and in the non-governmental sector as Vice President of Finance and Internal Auditor. In addition, he worked on projects to change the organizational culture, optimize the process, as well as the implementation of the Law on Personal Data Protection.

Valentina Rančić has eighteen years of coaching experience with different groups and different topics. She has worked to educate leaders on productivity and service delivery as well as in the area of formal education. Her specialties are the areas of change management, teamwork, communication skills, planning and evaluation. She coordinated and developed national teams within an international project in cooperation with the Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development – SDC and the German Organization for International Cooperation – GIZ. In individual work, she was involved in career counseling for young people. She participated in creation and development of various training programs and she trained dozens of trainers from different institutions, organizations and companies.

Milica Isailović is a professional with more than ten years of corporate experience in sales-oriented companies in the field of technology, fashion industry, logistics and transport, focused on HR processes. As an internal HR, she worked on the establishing of HR structures in several companies, created development programs and managed projects. She is an experienced interviewer with more than a thousand interviews and over a hundred successfully designed and conducted selection processes at all levels. She led larger teams (up to one hundred and twenty members) within which she worked on the development of individuals and groups.

Aleksandra Marković is a psychologist, researcher, and psychotherapist working under supervision. She has a particular interest in the development of individuals and teams through the practical implementation of psychological and psychotherapy knowledge in the business environment.

Aleksandra Horvat is a project manager and specialist in online learning with many years of experience in corporate electronic education. This includes designing e-Learning content, applying the ID model and theory, summative and formative tests, storyboarding, as well as production organization.

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