Zoran Kosić

We have been working with the Hive team for more than two years. Above all, their team understood Ball’s needs as a client and with their expertise and guidance, I can freely say, they led us to the right path. The path that led us to see our system clearly, to see the values of each of us and our place in it. Our little has become, thanks to the Hive Group, great for our system.
Their understanding, primarily of us as individuals and then as a collective, resulted in, in less than a year, “what’s next?” we get to “we have a lot of ideas”.
Great workshops where the focus was on examples from our daily business, organizing team building in an unforgettable way as well as the company’s decision to include Hive Group in further plans when it comes to human development, says enough about them. We have a partner we trust and when we can rely on. You will admit that it has priceless value today. Thanks Hive Group and go ahead! “