Dragana Veličković

“The Hive team has stood out as a reliable partner who understands the needs of the client and can come up with a constructive solution in a fast and efficient way. I would especially like to highlight our cooperation in the field of training and consulting services in creating and implementing a new production training concept.
I would also give an unreserved recommendation to their coaching program, which was applied in the management development process. They managed to work with the participants of the program on personal development through individual coaching sessions and within group sessions and workshops, by understanding the needs of the company, the role and the requirements of the position. The success of the program is, for the most part, based on a professional, extremely original and above all confidential relationship established with the coach.
We quickly recognized the members of the Hive team as our dear collaborators with great experience. In a professional and creative way, they have been involved in some of the great projects we have launched and which have been completed, to the mutual satisfaction, with great success. “