How we do

HR consulting

HR consulting represents the provision of advisory and mentoring support to companies that want to establish HR functionality or to develop an existing one.

Phases of consulting process:

  • Introductory meeting with the management, where a joint analysis determines the needs of the company and defines time frames
  • Development of an action plan in which the areas of action and steps are specified
  • Realization of activities
  • Tracking what has been achieved

Areas of HR consulting:

  • HR administration (keeping a database of employees, creating job descriptions and job systematization, creating internal rules and procedures, etc.)
  • Recruitment and selection (creation of recruitment campaigns, sizing of selection processes, selection of selection methods, defining the system of competencies, assessment of candidates in interviews, etc.)
  • Evaluation and monitoring (creation of programs for introducing new employees to the job, conducting development interviews, development plans, assigning goals and evaluating employees, etc.)

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