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The coaching process is intended for those who want to overcome barriers on the way to fulfilling their potential. Solution-oriented business coaching is a process that involves noticing the background value of each goal but is fully committed to practice and achieving set goals.
During the coaching process, individuals and teams, guided by the insight gained, through questions and guidelines, discover their full potential – finding ways to use all their resources on the way to achieving goals.


Cognitive-behavioral coaching is an effective coaching model that relies on psychological and therapeutic models that have a large number of empirical confirmations of success. Strategies, activities, techniques and exercises that are done within the coaching program prove to be effective in perceiving and eliminating insufficiently useful patterns of thinking and behavior. Cognitive behavioral coaching takes place through constant education of the client with an orientation on the development of skills and achieving the desired results in the future. Through the coaching process, a person has the opportunity to notice and overcome obstacles to achieving their maximum performance and greater business results. Often the mentioned obstacles are reflected in the beliefs about oneself and the perception of one’s own potentials. With the help of a coach, the client notices what types of beliefs and thoughts influence his feelings and behaviors, the decisions he makes and the actions he takes.

Erickson coaching is a process characterized by 4 key features:

  1. Solution-oriented – directs the client towards the desired future outcomes, instead of concentrating on past experiences or reasons for current dissatisfaction.
  2. Systemic – emphasizes the holistic nature of clients, seeing how positive changes can fit into their bigger picture.
  3. Customer-focused – allows you to trust the customer’s internal resources and skills, respecting their path and future results. Coaching is a zone without advice.
  4. Action-oriented – produces transformation through concrete steps that lead to a fundamental change in attitude, behavior and habit formation.

PCM (Process Communication Model) provides a reliable and validated method for discovering and understanding the deep personality structure, the impact of life events on personality development, and the dynamics of communication. Based on the award-winning scientific discovery of Dr. Taibi Kahler, PCM has been used and researched for thirty years, has been experienced by over a million people, on five continents and has found application in leadership development, management, sales, education, politics, religion, medicine, parenting and personal relationships. NASA began using PCM in the selection and training of astronauts in 1978. Today, the model is used by directors and managers of Fortune 500 companies, politicians, as well as well-known psychologists. It has found its application in the process of coaching, selection, building team dynamics and skills development.

Why is PCM needed in the coaching process?

  • At the beginning, we recognize patterns of behavior and potential patterns of failure
  • We understand the psychological needs of the client in accordance with the established profile
  • We understand the communication channel through which we address the client
  • We achieve results much faster than without an initial assessment

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