Leadership academy

Main training goal is that managers learn to choose and apply adequate tools for leading the team day to day, to learn how to set and monitor goals realization, how to motivate, develop competencies and increase work efficiency of their team.

Basic approach is practical work, experiential learning, practical examples learning, analysis and model adjustment, practice by applying model, discussion, facilitation, coaching, consulting.

Participating on this training would enable you to:

  • increase your productiveness and learn techniques to manage your time
  • setting goals that are inspiring, incentive and to learn how to assist your team to do the same
  • try and demonstrate techniques giving feedback and delegation
  • learn how to lead effective meetings
  • learn to use adequate leadership styles depending on situation that you are in
  • learn to make right decision in timely manner
  • learn how to deal with change

Training topics:

Module 1

  • Leadership and management
  • Self-management in time
  • Goals setting and planning
  • Delegation and control
  • Feedback
  • Motivating subordinates

Module 2

  • Successful communication and Transactional Analysis as communication model
  • Life positions and OK corral
  • Assertiveness
  • Conflicts resolution
  • Conducting successful and effective meetings

Module 3

  • Leadership styles
  • Team development
  • Decision making
  • Change management

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