Establishing a system of competencies

Main training goal is to define desirable employees’ characteristics and behavior that derive from company’s values in order to establish transparent criteria system for hiring, monitoring and development of employees.

Basic approach is practical work,  experiential learning, practical examples learning, analysis and model adjustment, practice by applying model, discussion, facilitation, coaching, consalting.

Participating on this training would enable you to:

  • create initial Competency system by starting from existing Values system
  • notice the rules how you could develop Competency system on various levels (i.e. general level, department level and individual workplace level
  • operationalize Competency system by defining behavioral indicators for each of competencies
  • realize Competency system possibilities as assessment tool
  • recognize Competency system possible fields of application and its usability
  • contribute to creation of action plan for Competency system integration

Training topics:

  • What are competencies and why do we need them?
  • Which levels of competencies exist?
  • What are the advantages of universal model and what are advantages of model by levels?
  • Which Competency system model fits to our needs?
  • How and when is Competency system applied to everyday business?

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