Coaching for managers

Coaching is dedicated to managers who want to overcome obstacles on the way to reach their full potential. This process implies observing background value of each objective, but is completely committed to practice and achieving the set goals. During coaching process, managers and teams, guided by realized insight, reveal their full potential – finding ways to use all of their resources on the way to achieve goals.

Coaching project implementation process:

  1. Initial interview with client and company representative (manager and/or HR team representative)
  2. Personality Assessment using PCM (Process Communication Model)
  3. Coaching project


  • Cognitive-behavioral coaching
  • Process Communication Model
  • Erickson coaching oriented to solution

Coaching of manages objectives and results:

  • Emotional self-control in business environment
  • Overcoming stress situations
  • Performances improvement
  • Presentation without fear of public speaking
  • Patience increase during the implementation of action plans
  • Successful resolving of conflict situations
  • Overcoming hesitance during decision making and its implementation
  • Reaching full personal potential
  • Emotional intelligence development
  • More efficient tasks’ execution
  • Motivation increase

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