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We are a team of people connected by the passion for growth and development.

We believe that development is not only possible, but necessary and that it goes beyond the boundaries of a workplace, that it improves individuals, families and entire communities.

We have seen it in our clients. We live it ourselves.

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“During my education and career, which still lasts, I was a participant in a large number of lectures, exercises, education, professional training, organized by higher education institutions, professors, successful business people and specialized companies and lecturers whose primary activity is education and professional development. I can rightly say that the lectures and educations of Aleksandar Anđelković, whose participant I have been on several occasions, with their content, way of organizing, presenting but also the unique charisma of the lecturers are far above all standards that can be expected in this area. Forget thousands of slides, dry stories, cups of coffee and yawning during education, and expect the development of cerebral convolutions, often physical, which, along with interesting topics, ultimately lead to the main goal, which is the acquisition of knowledge and its rapid application in practice. “

Miloš Manojlović
Production Coordinator Assembley

“The Hive Group is made up of a team of outstanding experts. They transmit and instill skills and healthy business habits in a fun and accessible way, adapted to each individual, seemingly with ease, all in accordance with the values and corporate culture in which individuals work.
Through coaching sessions and tailor-made trainings, I can proudly say that we have been developing our employees in partnership for many years and creating strong professionals and leaders.
Every human resources manager is much more successful with the Hive Group as an associate. ”

Marija Mladenović
HR Manager, LEONI Wiring Systems Plant Prokuplje

“The Hive team has stood out as a reliable partner who understands the needs of the client and can come up with a constructive solution in a fast and efficient way. I would especially like to highlight our cooperation in the field of training and consulting services in creating and implementing a new production training concept.
I would also give an unreserved recommendation to their coaching program, which was applied in the management development process. They managed to work with the participants of the program on personal development through individual coaching sessions and within group sessions and workshops, by understanding the needs of the company, the role and the requirements of the position. The success of the program is, for the most part, based on a professional, extremely original and above all confidential relationship established with the coach.
We quickly recognized the members of the Hive team as our dear collaborators with great experience. In a professional and creative way, they have been involved in some of the great projects we have launched and which have been completed, to the mutual satisfaction, with great success. “

Dragana Veličković
HR Manager, Zumtobel Group

“Through collaboration with Hive, I would especially like to highlight a very systematic approach to the training itself – from understanding our needs, through very detailed preparation, to thorough and dynamic implementation. Full commitment, from start to finish, throughout the process.”

Marina Avram
Director of Organisational Development, Mercator S doo

We have been working with the Hive team for more than two years. Above all, their team understood Ball’s needs as a client and with their expertise and guidance, I can freely say, they led us to the right path. The path that led us to see our system clearly, to see the values of each of us and our place in it. Our little has become, thanks to the Hive Group, great for our system.
Their understanding, primarily of us as individuals and then as a collective, resulted in, in less than a year, “what’s next?” we get to “we have a lot of ideas”.
Great workshops where the focus was on examples from our daily business, organizing team building in an unforgettable way as well as the company’s decision to include Hive Group in further plans when it comes to human development, says enough about them. We have a partner we trust and when we can rely on. You will admit that it has priceless value today. Thanks Hive Group and go ahead! “

Zoran Kosić
National Account Manager, Ball Packaging



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